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Hall Effect Magnetometer / Gaussmeter

Ultra Low Noise, Multi-Channel

Hall Effect Magnetometer Sensor Specifications

Sensors: Sensor Type: hall effect plate
Drive Current 3-15 mA
Sense Voltage 10-12 mV/kG
Source Impedance less than 100 ohms
Temperature coefficient 0.1% of FS voltage per degree C ambient, 0 to 70 degree C
Linearity +/- 1% or better of reading to best straight line
Flux Density 10 KGauss max.
Standard Probe Dimensions 3.00 long x .1875 wide x .090 thick
Sensor Lead Lengths up to 50 feet max.
Sensor for on cross axis fields, use Model number 2773-20
Sensor for on axis fields, use Model number 2773-21

Low Noise Amplifier Specifications

see the Low Noise Amplifier PCB 2762-01R02

Input: Minimum Voltage 10 uVDC
Maximum Voltage 10 mVDC
Filter: 8th Order, Bessel Low Pass
Maximum Noise Level 150uv
Fc frequency will be 500 Hz to 1KHz
Output: Voltage Range 0 V to 12.5 V
Source Impedance 50 ohm
Scale factor 0.1 G/mV
Connector Interface Floating BNC
Relative Accuracy +/- 0.1% of FS voltage, channel to channel
Connector Interface Floating BNC
Absolute Accuracy will not deviate more than +/- .35% from 0 to 1KG at temperature of calibration
Output isolated from AC line, 2500VRMS
Support: Calibration pulse, single cycle of 125 Hz
Power 110-125 VAC, 50-60HZ, 5Amp, Max input surge at turn on 15 amp for 2-3 msec
Forced air Convection
Temperature Range for electronics 40-90 degees F ambient
Price: Magnetometer Channel, Model number 2762-01, each $835.00 USD
3 Axis/Channel Support Rack, Model number 2774-23, each $2,895.00 USD
10 Channel Magnetometer Support Rack, Model number 2774-20, each $4,995.00 USD
Bessel Low Pass Filters (8th Order) installs in Magnetometer Channel, Model number xxxx-20, each $495.00 USD
Hall Effect Probe, Model number 2773-20, (cross axis) $329.00 USD
Hall Effect Probe, Model number 2773-21, (on axis) $389.00 USD

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