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Cryogenic Gas or/and Liquid Transfer System

The Low Temperature Gas or/and Liquid Transfer or Supply System (LTSS) is designed to provide a controllable flow of single phase, constant low temperature gas or liquid cryogen. Optional Control Package allows a computer to measure pressure, liquid level and to control the flow of cryogen to the use point.

The typical LTSS System is composed of:
    Low Temperature Supply System (LTSS)
    Cryostat (Optional)
    Superinsulated Transfer Line or Superinsulated Bi-Directional
    Transfer Line (Optional)
    Instrument Support Module (Optional) (See Abbess Instruments literature for additional information on optional equipment)


    Magnetic Susceptibility
    High Speed NMR Gyros
    Temperature Dependent Process
    Chemical Testing
    Gamma Test Cells

System Specifications

Cryogenic     Temp. Stability: ±0.l K (depending on pressure and gas flow)
    Max. Cooling Rate: 100K/Min/kilogram
    Dewar Volume: 40 liters standard; 240 liters optional
    Fill Port: .500 inch diameter, standard
    Pressure: Vacuum to 39 psig
Physical     (40 liter Dewar with Gas/Liquid Control Generator)
    Height: 42 inches
    Diameter: 17 inches
    Weight: 125 lb.

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