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Magnetically Levitated Force/Weight Measurement Balance

Abbess Instruments' Magnetically Levitated Force/Weight Balance ("Mag-Lev Balance") is a new instrument for precise force, weight, and acceleration measurement. The Mag-Lev Balance can be used to provide highly precise measurements of the weight of an object or the forces applied to the object. The Mag-Lev Balance can also be used as an accelerometer.

Although highly sensitive, the Mag-Lev Balance is very durable, simple, and rugged which makes it ideal for use in laboratory or field applications.

The novelty of Abbess Instruments' Mag-Lev Balance's design is in the spool itself (See image at left). The spool is held in a stable equilibrium and is responsible for the robust, low-power, room temperature operating characteristics. The equilibrium is established, and maintained by a self-dampening servo-locked loop. Moreover, unlike many other magnetic levitation applications, the levitated mass is not required to either oscillate or rotate in levitation.

"This total isolation feature allows various applications unapproachable with other techniques."
The measurement of the force or weight imparted to the spool is derived from both the spool position and support current. Since there are no meter movements, strain gauges, springs, or other supports to be damaged or to induce error, the Mag-Lev Balance is very rugged and stable. This also allows the measurement to be made without any physical contact to the outside world. This total isolation feature is the most unique feature of the Mag-Lev Balance.

The isolation feature allows the user to approach various applications that are unapproachable with other techniques. The standard Mag-Lev Balance has a capacity of more than 100 grams and will measure down to micrograms. For weight measurements a pan, hook, or sample holder is attached to the spool which is enclosed in the seal tube. The spool within its seal tube can float in virtually any environment in which measurements are to be made.

"It can quickly be converted, by the user, from bottom loading to top loading"
The Mag-Lev Balance can be configured as the user needs. It can quickly be converted, by the user, from bottom loading to top loading with no additional parts or adjustments.

Some of the areas or fields of application are:
Thermal Analysis, TGA, DCA, Rheometer,
Material Analysis, Corrosion Studies
Force Accommodation Measurements
Vibration Damping and Positioning
Ultra-High Vacuums
Semiconductor Fabrication,

"...high precision measurement of extremely small changes in force or to detect minute variations in the weight ..."
Material and Thermal Analysis is one field of application for which Abbess Instruments' MagLev Balance can provide a high precision measurement of extremely small changes in weight of an object or the forces upon it.

Variations in weight may occur due to thermal, electrical or chemical changes where material is released or absorbed/ adsorbed.

Variations in force due to dynamic contact, wetting, melting, or impingement of particles or energy may also be measured.

"The Mag-Lev Balance can be used as a gravity meter or accelerometer."
Physics and Geology are other fields to which the application of the Mag-Lev Balance may provide a means of measuring the small changes in the ambient gravitational field of the Earth as will as seismic activity.

As a gravity meter the Mag-Lev Balance can be used to measure the variations in the Earth's gravity due to planetary, tidal, and geologic relationships,

As a Servo-Accelerometer the Mag-Lev Balance can be used to measure the movements and vibrations in the Earth, a platform or a building due to geologic or other activity.

Unlike other sensors, balances, and accelerometers, the Abbess Instruments' Mag-Lev Balance operates without physical connections to the proof mass. This design allows the Mag-Lev Balance to have very low acoustic pick-up noise.

"Although highly sensitive, it is very durable and rugged.
Abbess Instruments' Mag-Lev Balance is small enough and durable enough for use in the field. Although highly sensitive, it is very durable and rugged.

The relatively simple means by which its spool/ proof mass is levitated does not require a large power source or elaborate support equipment which is the case with old style magnetic levitation applications.

The Abbess Instruments' Mag-Lev Balance's applications are limited by only one thing - the user's imagination. The Balance is highly precise, extremely sensitive and yet is durable and rugged. The unique spool design allows a sample to be isolated from all variables except those being tested.

Maximum Weight Change: 240 grams
Sensitivity/Resolution: 0.1 µgram
Repeatability: 10-6of total load
Drift: 10 ppm/°C
Vacuum Capability: 10-7
Bake-out Temperature: 350°C (max spool temperature)
Power: 120, 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 250 watts max
Output: ±10 VDC x 3 channels, max freq. 6 KHz
Because of continuing product improvements, all specifications are subject to change without notice

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